Floating Capper™ is headed to its customer

Scanpack is over and we would like to say Thank you to all visitors who came to our
booth for a rewarding fair. The machine we demoed in our booth, Floating Capper™, has
been shipped back to Malmö and is currently being outfitted to be sent to its buyer in
Norway. We will install it at their factory at the turn of the year.

There was a great interest in our machine, for its ability to cap packages in transit but
also for its innovative design giving the user short changeover times when changing the
cap or the package.

Trigger applicator

During the fair we also saw a big interest in a capper with a trigger applicator. We’re
looking into a solution for this to incorporate in our product line.
If any of this sounds interesting to you and your business please do not hesitate to give
us a call or send us a message to learn how our products can be integrated in your
production line.

A new Floating Capper™ is on its way to Gothenburg

This week the Floating Capper™ was loaded onto a lorry to be shipped to the Scanpack-fair in Gothenburg. You will be able to see it running all the days of the fair in our booth.

Packages are capped while travelling which eliminate spills on the outside of the package. Changeovers are performed easily and swiftly due to fewer format depending parts.

After the fair is over the machine will ship back to Malmö where we will perform the last tests and adjustments before installing it at the customer’s by year’s end 2018. We are already preparing to build more of this innovative capping machine. Perhaps for your company? Contact us to set up a meeting to discuss your capping solution.