Trepak Floating Capper™ a smart capping machine

Trepak has released a new capping machine, Floating Capper™

Floating Capper™ is designed using new and advanced technology. This has resulted in a machine with very high capacity that is capable of capping in transit without stopping. This reduces the risk of contaminating the outside of the packages.

The capping capacity of the Floating Capper™ exceeds 90 packages per minute.

Floating Capper™ is programmed with data about the package dimensions in its software and as a result changing from one package design to another is quick and automated.
Changing the cap is also a quick and easy procedure due to fewer format dependent parts.

Floating Capper

Floating Capper™ use servo motors for control and capping which allows the user to monitor the tightening torque and cap presence.

The material and component selections made in the Floating Capper™ design makes it suitable for installation in all industrial environments, including Atex.