Filling lines for ethanol based products, ATEX to Wilhelmsen Chemicals AS.

Trepak has delivered six customized filling lines, five of which are for ethanol-based products requiring ATEX approved equipment in accordance with EU’s Equipment Directive since these products generate large amounts of explosive gas.

It takes special expertise to design a line for this type of filling product, which requires high demands on equipment. Expertise includes the knowledge to define requirements for the ventilation system to eliminate hazardous gas in ATEX zone, and then design a machine that has no ignition sources by choosing the right design with the right materials.

Apart from the filler, the lines contain, the capper and labeller as well as the check weight with reject, cap control with reject, filling table and customized conveyors.

The lines are configured to operate with multiple packages from 0.2 to 25 litres. We fill a variety of products in the packages, both ethanol related and other types. Trepak delivered turnkey  lines to plant south of Tönsberg.

Factory Manager Rune Kristiansen Wilhelmsen Chemicals AS

Trepak was one of the first vendors we met who understood how to develop an ATEX compliant line for filling ethanol-based liquids.  Through the years we have come to know Trepak way of developing machines. A number of years ago we ran a joint project in where we developed the technique of cross-loading containers through the filler. Trepak used its broad expertise in development together with Wilhelmsen production experience.

Trepak work methods in the project have shown to be effective. Design audits during the project made issues transparent so Wilhelmsen organization could influence them at an early stage. Installation of the lines has worked well; cooperation between our organizations has been working very well.

Production output more than meets what was promised in the agreement from Trepak. We always get more than what was promised.