Flexible filling lines for a quick changeover 

We construct flexible lines for filling liquid products. A line’s flexibility is about two things: to rapidly change packages, capsule and label, and to quickly change the filling product. Everything must be done in a secure and traceable manner.

Fast packaging changes – how we do it

Our philosophy is that filling machine consists of three parts:

  1. Packages supply.
  2. The filling system with the filling product.
  3. The system that operates the filler’s movements.

Mechanics, electronics and software for these three systems are designed in a way that makes them easy to change. It offers a flexible system – the components can be combined in different ways for different types of filling machines.

Our capping machines are also designed for short changeover times. They are built around formatting moulds that are easy to replace.

Quick filling product changes – how we do it

Quick, effective cleaning is everything when removing waste products from the system. The filling system is supplemented with cleaning systems – so-called CIP (Clean In Place) systems. Our proprietary CIP systems give you the highest standards of hygiene. The actual filling system is designed as straight pipes and smooth surfaces as possible. It is combined with truly hygienic components. The system software can be adapted to the properties of each filling product, such as viscosity, resistance and foaming tendency.

CIP systems can also be used for product emptying. The actual hardware is combined with flexible software, where a number of parameters are set for each filling product – a simple comparison is the various programs in a washing machine.