Capping machines from Trepak 

At Trepak we can build a capping machine for every imaginable kind of packages and caps. We work with – and design – capping machines for our customers from a wide range of industries and we are more than capable of accommodating your needs as well.

The many possibilities with capping machines

Floating Capper™ is a new modern capping machine capable of capping packages while they are moving. This decreases the risk of contamination on the outside of the packages.

Variants with two or three capping heads in combination with capping while moving results in a high capacity machine capable of capping up to 90 packages per minute.
Floating Capper™ stores information about the package parameters in the operator panel and switching package types is done with the press of a button.
Switching cap type is also a quick procedure because the machine contains fewer cap dependant parts than older models.

A common capper is the one-head capping machine suitable for lower production speeds. It can be used for everything from very small to large packages

Since 1998 we have delivered over 1000 capper models to Tetra Pak.

Want to know more about our capping machines?
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