Always meeting the ATEX guidelines and standards

ATEX, (Atmosphere Explosive), is a set of European Directives which aims to achieve identical safety requirements for equipment used in an explosive environment. Since 1995 we have performed more than 20 installations, and have a thorough experience of working with filling products that require ATEX Standards for the machines in the filling line.

The ATEX-Directives set particularly high demands on how we plan and implement our machine design. The risk of explosion is partly due to the gas that the filling product generates and partly from different ignition sources, which can occur in a machine for filling and capping.

Market leading ATEX-expertise

How we work

Initially we work together with you, to study the classification plan of the premises where the machine will be located. We perform ventilation calculations, risk analysis, and material selections. For customers this means a thorough groundwork that minimizes possible delays and additional expenses at a later stage. We also provide clear and detailed instructions in the manuals on how machines should be operated and maintained in accordance with the ATEX-directives.



Dimensioning and design of ventilation is based on accepted calculation models, our experiences of similar filling products and practical tests with current filling products.

Elimination of ignition sources

Ignition sources are eliminated though a developed design, well thought-out materials and a stringently designed control system.

Want to hear more about the ATEX Guidelines and Standards?

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