About us

Our sales teams work throughout Scandinavia. We are the market leader in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Our solutions are always tailored to each client’s specific requirements. Installation, service and maintenance are performed by the company’s own engineers. Through our partners, the company also installs machines elsewhere in Europe. A major customer is Tetra Pak, where we’ve developed and delivered capping units for some of their latest packaging products.

Trepak has expanded dramatically in recent years. We have grown while maintaining profitability and we are now classified with the highest credit rating, an AAA rating.

How we work

Before the project begins, we give you the documents you need: computer calculations, budget quotations, complete quotations and complete contracts.

We always commit to designing a layout of the planned production line – an invaluable tool and the basis for secure calculation for tender discussions. After ordering, but before purchasing, we perform a design review of the drawings and component selection of all the current hardware and component parts in our 3D CAD system together with our customers. All product development takes place in same system.

We check capping to ensure the capsule is intact and in place through our Trevision ® system. The system also includes a user-friendly programming device. Everything is built to adapt to different sizes of packages and capsules.