Tailored solutions for filling of fluid products

Our solutions for filling liquid products are based primarily on two things: our knowledge and access to extensive experience.  Based on our extensive manufacturing knowledge, we customize solutions so that they function optimally in your plant. Each filling line is simply unique – it is adapted to the filling product itself, and to packages, caps and labels.


Our three key skills

  • We have many years of experience within production in large organizations, dedicated to rationalization and production efficiency.
  • In our department for product development and engineering our machine, electrical and automation engineers collectively have over 100 years of experience in the packaging industry.
  • We take full responsibility for a solution and are very proud of our project process. Through joint coordination – so-called design audits – we ensure that all line features meet your requirements. This leads to easier installation and commissioning.
  • We deliver around 50 machines per year – all within agreed time frames and specifications for quality and productivity.

We design to your requirements

Our knowledge-based solutions start from your needs. A few examples of our special adaptations are:

  • Special drainage systems to minimize waste at product changes – while improving the working environment by reducing staff exposure to hazardous products.
  • Format Unit, a device that minimized the time wastage when changing packaging. Thereby eliminating many of the settings in a large filler with eight main filling heads normally have.

Calculation Models

We’ve developed calculation models for the production output. This means you can be confident that your new line meets the requirements set at the project start.