Statoil Fuel and Retail AB, production in Scandinavia.

We were commissioned by Statoil to investigate how existing filling lines were suitable for Statoil’s future product range.

We developed a proposal about which filling lines were appropriate for Statoil’s long-term plans. The investigation covered those machines that were both in the Nynäshamn factory south of Stockholm and in the Fagerstrand factory south of Oslo. We then reported what the costs were, to firstly modernize and move the machines from Fagerstrand to Nynäshamn and secondly, the corresponding costs of modernizing and moving machines from Nynäshamn to Fagerstrand.

Based on cost estimates Statoil made a strategic decision: to move to Nynäshamn and shut down the Fagerstrand factory.

We were then assigned to rationalize existing lines in Nynäshamn. When this was done we were also commissioned to rationalize and move lines from Fagerstrand to Nynäshamn.

When this assignment was completed and expected results met, we received the assignment to change a line to a whole new range. This meant a completely new filling machine that can fill both high-and low-viscous products with a high filling accuracy. In addition, the filler has a unique product replacement system to minimize standby time and the amount of waste in filling product changes.

Håkan Palm, Factory director Nynäshamn:

“Trepak is unique in a way other suppliers are not.  Trepak’s organization has a solid production expertise, which means that they understand us producers well. Furthermore, Trepak has a good project organization, which means that they can deliver their projects on time by focusing on the differences in the projects. I appreciate working with Trepak’s organization.”